Ryujin Jiu Jitsu

Tradition meets Reality


Tradition meets Reality

A unique and practical style based on traditional Jiu-jitsu.  Anatomical battle points, strikes, kicks, chokes, locks, throws, and a system of principles based on combative strategy and physics. Classes offer practical, realistic training for men, women, and older teens. Use the most effective techniques from traditional Jiu-jitsu to modern military combat to teach the skills necessary to survive armed and unarmed violent confrontations.  Flexible training…techniques are practiced in all situations and scenario. Any level of fitness and experience is welcome.  Train with us and see the difference.  Elite defense for men and women.

We wish everyone

a safe, healthy and successful 2018 !

Julio Zarate

President, Ryujin JiuJitsu/Kindairyu JiuJitsu

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